A decentralized genetic health ecological chain.

GEChain Characteristics

More Energy Efficient

More energy-efficient de-centralized network technology

Idle Use

Make storage more economical by taking advantage of large amounts of idle storage space


Make genetic testing more affordable and genetic data more valuable


By the user, the detection organization, the research organization and so on composition ecology

Present Situation And Challenges Of Gene Data Industry

Universal Access

In the 1990s, the human genome plan cost a budget of 3 billion U.S. dollars; Today, the cost of a single human genome detection is only 10,000 yuan, and the targeted gene detection package is even as low as several hundred yuan. Technological advances and lower costs have made gene detection a popular means of detection.

Genetic Data Is A Social Asset

In 2015, Genentech and 23andMe jointly announced that they would collaborate to obtain genome-wide sequencing data for 3000 Parkinson's patients to identify new treatment targets for neurodegenerative diseases. Personalized genetic data has great research value for scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical companies. It can be used to study diseases and design effective treatment programs.

Genetic Data Is A Personal Asset

The combination of personal genetic data and health data can form a personalized health guidance; At present, most of the personal genetic data is scattered in various gene testing mechanisms and can not be left to the user's own control, so the user loses the freedom to use the data on his own.

Data Storage And Use Becomes A Challenge

The size of individual gene data varies, with a maximum of hundreds of Gs. In addition to the current popularity of gene detection, Gene and personal health databases are continuously supplemented, and the demand for storage and calculation in the later period is also increasing. Low-cost, high-security storage methods will become mainstream.


Block Chain Technology

Blockchain is a decentralized distributed ledger with features such as consensus mechanism, openness and transparency, non-tampering and high security... Make it a machine for creating trust.

Security Privacy

Confirmation of the right to everyone's genetic data ownership is owned by individuals, users decide to authorize or not authorized by the institution query. Genetic and health data on the chain are anonymous, ensuring the privacy of user data.

Through The Economic

GE tokens are the only digital tokens used in the whole ecology. GE has the rights to purchase health products of gene testing service, query data, store data and other rights.

Open And Transparent

Each query record of the institution is recorded on the chain.

Combination Of Genetic Health Data

Build a healthy app(in the early stage in the form of app). Users can get GE tokens for confirming the right of their sports and medical records.

Data Storage

Genetic data is stored in a tree structure at each computing node, which has computing and storage rewards.

Ecological Model

Development Route

Team introduction

Jez san

Founder and CEO

Graduated from the department of finance, Harvard University, economist, has many years of financial trade experience, founded a number of companies, has a wide range of influence in the United States and surrounding areas.

André Hammen

Director of Global Operations

Graduated from Frankfurt university, I once worked as MANDRILL MEDIAceo, and provided resources for various enterprises to guide the development and innovation of enterprises in the block chain field.

Vlad Posivenko

Chief technology officer

In the IT social payment domain, there are 10 years of experience from the system management to the management company's software development. At the same time, he has been engaged in the area of technology for many years.


The technician

Blockchain technology developer, good at language and framework building. Familiar with various consensus algorithms such as PoW, PoS, DPoS, PBFT, Paxos, Raft, etc., and participated in open source projects, mainly responsible for the construction of diversified application scenarios of social payment platforms.

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